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Electronic Cigarettes

• You want to stop the damage being done to your body but you enjoy smoking.

• You spend too much money on traditional cigarettes.

• You are having trouble quitting due to the addictive nature of nicotine.

• You are rightfully scared of getting cancer or other tobacco-related illnesses.

• You've heard the rumors, the news reports, the success stories,
   but you don't know where to start.

You've come to right place...
Cancer-Bites.com, NicotineEcigs.com, Oliver BC, Canada

Nicotine Ecigs and Nicotine Liquids

What is this website all about?

Tobacco is bad, Tar is bad, but to your heart & lungs: nicotine is neutral.

Nicotine is the addictive component of tobacco, but not the dangerous one. There are a hundred carcinogens and four thousand poisons in
cigarette smoke, but nicotine is not among them. Nicotine is the ball 'n chain that keeps you tethered to smoking, despite your best efforts.
Electronic Cigarettes will definitely help you wean down in a slow, regular pace which is key to success but, maybe you don't even have to...

Not many people know this but...

Nicotine itself, the drug, is comparable to caffeine in toxicity to the body. Some studies have even suggested nicotine plays a role in preventing
neuron death. Understanding this link may one day help in our efforts to prevent memory loss.
Of course we are NOT here to suggest that nicotine is a good thing, nor that anyone should use nicotine. The addictive qualities of nicotine are
proven, and not mere speculation. It's actual fact, though, that nicotine by itself will not harm you any more than caffeine will.

The best electronic cigarettes & nicotine liquids,
how they work, and what makes them the best.

Cancer-Bites.com, NicotineEcigs.com, Oliver BC
Both of these commonly used drugs are simply mild stimulants with noticable withdrawal effects when ingestion is abruptly
stopped. Neither nicotine nor caffeine can cause cancer. All tobacco illness is caused by TAR and tobacco SMOKE.